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Aromatized Massage Oil 225ml

Aromatized Massage Oil 225ml

This unique mixture is essential in Aromatherapy massage, it contains a mixture of vegetable oils that helps to sooth and relax the muscles when massaged over the entire body;
this exceptional mixture contains Orange Oil which is essential in curing cracked and dry skin.
Extracted from Orange peel this unique oil contains a key soothing ingredient; Linalool that helps relieves tension, stress and creates a peaceful calm atmosphere.

The presence of Carrot Oil enhances this mixture by acting as a healing agent to many health problems, one of its main benefits is that it reduces the loss of synovial fluids between the joints which may otherwise cause immovability of the joints and arthritis.

Can be used on all types of skin, test initially on a small area if no redness occurs continue application on entire body also beneficial for dry and sensitive skin.
IRIS - 2014
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